NZ Unique and Rare Guinea Pigs is a Cavy Club to support and promote Guinea Pig (Cavy) Pedigree Breeds that are Exclusive or Rare in New Zealand. 

Connected with Independent Cavy Clubs across the country, members are continuing to be breeding and exhibiting our Unique and Rare Cavies. 

Independent Cavy Clubs are the only cavy clubs our Unique Breeds are exhibited in, so find one near you for a chance to see some of them.  

New Zealand's Unique and Rare Cavy Breeds are New Zealand Plumes, Tweeds, Pandas, New Zealand Peruvians, Bonnets and Dark Eyed Self Whites. 

Visit our website to learn more about our club and New Zealand's unique and rare cavy breeds.

Each Breed has it's own page filled with information including Photos, Facts, Pedigree Main Show Standards and Genetics