1) The name of the club shall be known as ‘The New Zealand Cavy Club’ and its membership shall be open to all Cavy fanciers.

2) The objects of the club are to interest the general public in the care of cavies and breeding and exhibiting of pedigree Cavies.

3) Any person may become a member on payment of an annual subscription.

4) Membership shall cease if subscriptions are not received within three months after the end of the financial year. (the AGM is held at the February show, subs are due then)

5) It shall be lawful for the executive committee to refuse to continue the membership of any person, if in the opinion of the committee such person acted contrary to the club’s interest. Any such member shall forfeit all rights.

6) All subscription must be paid to the club treasurer before the AGM before a member is eligible to vote or receive prize money

7) All those qualifying for junior membership must be under 16 years of age when paying their subscription.

8) The rules of the club may only be added to or changed at an Annual General Meeting.

9) The officers of the club shall be appointed at the AGM each year and shall consist of a committee to include a president, secretary and /or treasurer, newsletter editor and show secretary, These officials shall be the executive of the club and manage it’s affairs. The committee shall have the power to fill any vacancies which may occur throughout the year

10) The executive shall transact the club’s business by email when necessary

11) Voting at a general meeting shall be by ballot or show of hands.

12) Any member with a just reason may request an executive meeting to be called to consider their complaint, giving 10 days written notice to the secretary and a refundable deposit of $10.00 if the complaint is upheld

13) Members wishing to make propositions to the AGM must give 14 days notice in writing prior to the AGM unless the proposer is present in person at the meeting, when his or her proposition will be considered there and then.

14) Each member 16 year and over that has paid a subscription is entitled to a vote. In the case of a partnership (family subscription) each partner is entitled to a vote.

15) All club moneys shall be banked in the club bank account and a financial report given at the AGM

16) If upon winding up of the club there remains after the satisfaction of all its liabilities any property whatsoever, the same shall be given or transferred to some other institution or body, to be determined by the majority of members at an AGM or general meeting.

17) A general meeting may be conducted via email

18) All varieties of cavies when exhibited must be in perfectly natural condition except where allowed for by the breed standard. A judge is empowered to disqualify an exhibit, which he/she decides has been subjected to practises calculated to deceive and give false impressions of merit. Removal of guard hairs does not fall under this rule.

19) A cavy judge officiating at a venue where two or more shows are being held, may make entries in the shows other than the one in which he/she is officiating, provided there is no common award for best overall cavy at the venue.

20) Stock purchased from a judge can not be exhibited under that judge until the expiry of three months from the date of purchase.

21) At a show where owner exhibitors are stewarding, exhibits are to be left alone once they have reached the judging table, and further preferential treatment will be done by the officiating judge or requested by him/her. The officiating judge has full power to enforce this rule to the benefit of all exhibitors.

22) Fatty eye shall be an immediate disqualification. This applies only when the defect is visible without disturbing the eyelid


Additional to general rule 18)

a) No cavy may be entered in both the main show and the pet show at the same venue.

b) All longhair and merino exhibits are to be shown on a show board which should be of a size suited to the size of the cavy (and its length of hair). One board per cavy. Wrappers may be replaced after judging, at the owner’s discretion.

c) No exhibit is permitted to be removed from the show pen until the show is closed. This time along with the de-benching procedure will be announced and enforced by the show manager. Special permission to remove an exhibit earlier may be obtained in the case of an emergency. No exhibits are to be handled or fed whatsoever once they have been penned in their show pens, except by handlers to be taken to the judge or when instructed by the show manager.

d) These rules will be strictly enforced by the club, any failure to comply with any of these rules may lead to the exhibitor being disqualified from the show and any prizes will be forfeited